Our companies

Parent company – Vilokan AB

Business area Technology

Vilokan Recycling Tech AB

Number of employees: 14 st.
Turnover: 86 milj.

The Group’s development company and innovation centre. Technological development and project sales of installations for purification and recycling. Bespoke solutions for industry and the public sector.

EPCON Evaporation Technology AS

Number of employees: 23 st.
Turnover: 160 milj NOK.

EPCON is a technology company with an in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge base. It is located in Trondheim in central Norway. EPCON was born as a spin-off of the Norwegian dairy industry in 1986. Today, EPCON provides solutions for a range of applications in the process industry, biofuels and food.

EPCON produces processing systems that use evaporation and distillation to separate different types of fluids from other fluids or from solid materials. Separation and purification are essential in many industrial processes. EPCON has developed unique technical solutions for a number of separation processes. 

The process solutions are delivered with a high degree of energy recovery in the form of heat pump concepts based on Mechanical Vapour Recompression (MVR). EPCON became part of the Vilokan Group in 2020.

Business area Solutions

Vilokan ADF Solutions AB
Vilokan ADF Solutions Oy
Vilokan ADF Solutions AS

Vilokan Group US

Number of employees: 6 st.
Turnover: 202 milj.

Supplies airports all over the world with systems for handling and reusing deicing fluid – purifying the water and recycling the glycol. Closes the circuit and creates a profitable business with a complete technology and service package. Also offers financing, operation and ownership.

Business area Fluids

Arom-dekor Kemi AB
Arom-dekor Kemi AS
Arom-dekor Kemi Oy

Number of employees: 71 st.
Turnover: 800 milj.

Production, packaging and sales of chemical products for the automotive sector and industry. Reuses recycled raw materials and purified water from the Vilokan Group. Finely developed logistics network featuring articulated lorries and tankers.