Manufacturing plants

We turn waste into value
Every industry sector that generates streams of liquid waste within its operation must deal with related cost and environmental challenges. The Vilokan Group transform these streams into sources of revenue and wells of improved operations control. Where others see waste, we see value.

Process water is no longer a problem for manufacturing plants. It is an asset!
For many manufacturing industries, a reliable water supply is an increasingly troublesome pressure point. A closed loop of constantly recycled, purified water, or to achieve greater results, a completely sewerless facility, will benefit the operation with important independence of outside of supply chains. All with the addition of great environmental benefits.

Follow the flow through tried and tested methods
The industrial process water is the centre of our attention. With over 30 years of experience, we tailor solutions using a range of well-proven techniques to purify water.

The main methods applied to manufacturing plants are:
– Evaporation
– Distillation
– RO-filtration
– Ion exchange

Value through purification
What most people once considered to be waste is now viewed as potential raw material. These are the most frequent valuables we extract from manufacturing related process water:
– Oils
– Clean process water
– Water based rinsing solvent
– Solvent recovery

Benefits of future-proof independence
Our customers get clean water ready to re-use in production, creating a closed loop. The Vilokan Group are pioneers in facilitating sewerless solutions. Already in 1995 we created Sweden’s first completely sewerless factory for Volvo. Water supply will be an increasingly important aspect for the industry in the future.
– Closed loop
– Sewerless factory
– Independence of water supply

Commercial products
The Vilokan Group helps its customers to re-use recycled materials where possible, or otherwise reprocess them into new products for market, having both chemical production, sales, and distribution within the group.
– Process vater, H2O
– Solvents
– Acetone etc.

Do you want us to turn your waste into value?