About us

A group of companies devoted to environmental technology, water purification and recycling
The Vilokan Group is built on more than 30 years of experience of innovation in the field of environmental technology. Vilokan Recycle Tech, the Group’s development company, was a pioneer which began supplying the Scandinavian automotive sector with purification and recycling facilities as early as in the 1980s. Thousands of installations later, Vilokan has grown into a healthy group of companies that is active all over the world. The heart of the business is still the conviction that successful environmental work is only possible if it is financially profitable at the same time. Vilokan’s technology pioneers remain just as passionate about what they do, and today they are to be found in our Technology business area.

Holistic solutions comprising operation and financing
In step with helping customers reduce their waste management costs, while simultaneously becoming increasingly refined in our approach to recycling raw materials, we have seen a number of new financial opportunities appear. On account of the cost estimates we present today, many customers ask us not only to provide our high-quality solutions, but also to handle the financing, operation and even ownership of the installations. We are happy to provide such comprehensive packages through our appropriately named business area: Solutions.

Interaction generates additional benefits for the environment and economy
The Vilokan Group is enjoying a period of strong growth, which naturally translates into larger and larger volumes of purified water and recycled raw materials. We initially strive to return these to the customer’s business so as to create a closed system. Where this is not possible, however, the result is a surplus, and in these cases we close the circuit ourselves by converting recycled raw materials and purified water into new products in our chemical production department, which is operated by the business area we have named Fluids.

Closed circuits are our goal
We view environmental technology as an opportunity – a proactive tool with the potential to increase our customers’ independence and profitability. By creating completely closed systems, they eliminate emissions and become wholly independent of future restrictions from the public authorities. In addition, more and more places around the world are suffering from water shortages, so organisations that reuse their water come to enjoy a privileged position – both from a financial perspective and as members of the community.

Although the Vilokan Group has the resources and the experience to serve global groups, we are more than willing to launch logistics solutions that open up opportunities for small players to play a role in large-scale capacity solutions. We are convinced that environmental technology and circuit-based thinking are the future for businesses of all kinds.

Circular economy is the future
As a result of a growing global population and steadily rising economic activity, the world is consuming its finite resources at an ever-increasing pace. We need sustainable development and an economy based on circuits – a “circular economy” in other words. More and more players are opening their eyes to the benefits of an economic system designed to allow resources to be regenerated over and over again. Where resource-efficiency goes hand in hand with business benefit. The Vilokan Group helps customers around the world to become a part of this profitable transformation.

The Vilokan Group is constantly on the look-out for new opportunity to close circuits. That is why the group itself is constantly changing through organic growth, acquisitions and working relationships.