Sustainability for us

For the Vilokan Group, sustainability is a given in our daily work. We are constantly making active choices and taking strategic decisions towards realising our vision – A pure future. In our Sustainability Report 2023, we summarize our efforts and present our long-term and short-term goals, highlight our successes, and address our challenges.

The report describes our efforts within a number of sustainability domains such as environmental performance, social responsibility and economic sustainability. Our aim is for the report to demonstrate our transparency and openness, and provide deeper insights into our activities. 

Read/download the Sustainability-report_2023, here.
Read/download the Sustainability-report_2022, here.

Vilokan Group is aiding the transition towards a more sustainable society today by introducing closed-loop systems for waste streams and enabling water and other raw materials to be managed efficiently and effectively, from both a circular economy and value creation perspective. The Technology business area develops cost-effective waste management and raw material recycling solutions, and the Solutions business area can deploy the systems and recycling solutions to return purified water and recycled raw materials to the customer’s operations, as well as provide the Fluids business area with the residual recycled raw material for reprocessing into new products. 

All the Vilokan Group companies are enablers of improvements that benefit the environment. By interacting with each other, synergies are created that further accelerate the circular economy. One business area develops cleaning and recycling technologies. Another one provides tailored solutions that return cleaned water and raw materials to the customer’s operations. Surplus recycled feedstock is passed to the next business area where it is circulated into new products. A group can become its own supplier by incorporating circularity in its operations, and our goal is to drive the adoption of closed loop systems.

But obviously, we have multiple suppliers. The Fluids business area, with Arom-dekor Kemi, has hundreds of different suppliers. We want our customers to place their trust in us and we therefore ensure that our operations are always in full compliance with the legislation and standards of the EU and other markets, for example, the Norwegian Transparency Act. This calls for tenacity and commitment on our part to get suppliers to sign up to our code of conduct, and to perform assessments of social and environmental risks for all suppliers using country-specific data.

The self-assessment tool developed for our suppliers is an excellent example of how we value circular feedback in this process. Sustainability is an ongoing journey and our supplier relationships are constantly being nurtured and developed as we want them to be more than just a formal contract. We also want to be certain of their capability and competency. This process requires openness, transparency and trust and we must do it together with customers, co-workers and suppliers.