Business areas


Technological development and project sales of installations for purification and recycling

Vilokan Recycling Tech has been creating bespoke solutions for the purification and recycling of water and solvents since 1987, working for companies in both the public and private sectors. Thousands of installations are currently in operation all over the world. Installations that combine technological innovations with extensive experience in the fields of design, commissioning and maintenance. The installations themselves comprise tried and tested standard components, guaranteeing not only high operational reliability, but also secure access to spare parts. An excellent way to future proof investments.

The technical solutions created at Vilokan Recycling Tech are at the very heart of the Vilokan Group. The company functions as the group’s innovation hub and constitutes the Technology business area.

Vilokan’s experts are continuously seeking out raw materials to recycle from the process fluids. Those substances that are not returned to the customer’s own business can be given new life and become new products in the chemical production handled by the Vilokan Group’s Fluids business area.

Vilokan Recycling Tech focuses on creating bespoke solutions, but in some sectors and areas of use, the commissions have become so extensive that it has proved possible to develop scalable modular solutions. These concept solutions streamline the process even further and translate into benefits of scale on purchasing. In addition, more and more customers are requesting service solutions that encompass the staffing of operations, and in some cases, even the financing of the entire installation. Certain concepts grow to such a size that they require a separate organisation of their own, such as our handling of Aircraft Deicing Fluid (ADF) at airports. It was for precisely this purpose that the Vilokan Group created the Solutions business area.


Complete solutions comprising the financing, ownership and operation of installations for purification and recycling

Ever-increasing prices for raw materials are making recycling more and more attractive and profitable. This has opened the door to financially interesting options where Vilokan can step in and supply solutions for the financing, operation and ownership of installations, over and above providing the purely technical aspects. The first sector the Solutions business area turned its attention to was the aeronautical industry.

Vilokan ADF Solutions is completely devoted to assisting airports around the world in dealing with used deicing fluid, protecting natural assets, purifying the water and recycling the glycol. Closing the circuit and creating a profitable business with a complete technology and service package.

By applying an advanced process, Vilokan ADF Solutions is able to recycle 99.9% pure glycol from the used deicing fluid. This means that the recycled glycol is ready for mixing to create new deicing fluid that can then be used directly at the airport or as a component in other glycol-based products.

Thanks to the income generated through the recycling of glycol, Vilokan ADF Solutions is in a position to offer extremely attractive full service solutions to airport operators. Solutions that encompass everything from planning and project design, to construction and operation of the installation itself. And to enable the client to avoid binding capital unnecessarily, we can even set up financing solutions.


Production and sale of chemical products, utilisation of recycled raw materials and purified water

The third business area in the Vilokan Group is Fluids. This area comprises the chemical company Arom-Dekor Kemi, which makes it possible to operate a completely individual circuit within the Group, where recycled raw materials and purified water from the Group’s other areas can be transformed into new products.

Arom-Dekor-Kemi is a leading complete supplier of AdBlue® and other automotive chemicals to the Nordic transport sector. The company also supplies selected chemicals to the industrial sector and the consumer market.

The majority of chemical production and packaging takes place at the most modern chemical facility in Scandinavia – our own factory. Self-checking every link of the chain from production to packaging and delivery allows Arom-Dekor Kemi ensure uniform high quality every step of the way.

A finely developed logistics network helps provide customers with bespoke distribution solutions which often feature automatic refills of AdBlue®. With its own articulated lorries and tankers, as well as positioning different types of tanks and pump stations on site at the customer’s premises, the company delivers the most economical solution with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Other businesses in the Vilokan Group are continuously seeking new synergies with Arom-Dekor Kemi’s valuable logistics capacity.