We assist airports across the globe to process their used de-icing fluid and reduce their environmental impact, purify the water and recycle the glycol. We close the circle of the cycle and create a profitable business with a turnkey service.

For the environment For the economy For the future

Stop Emissions

The glycol found in de-icing solution requires a large amount of oxygen to break it down, which negatively impacts the environment. Cadmium and heavy metals are also found in the used fluid. We help responsible airports collect used de-icing fluid. Heavy transport can also be eliminated by building facilities onsite.

Recycle Raw Materials

In a world with ever increasing raw material costs, recycling plays an increasingly important part. Through a closed multi stage process, Vilokan ADF Solutions recycles 99.5% pure glycol, ready to be mixed into new de-icing fluid. A profitable business.

Don't Wait

The future belongs to the circular economy. Our turnkey service enables airports to close the cycle as quickly as possible. We offer design, construction, implementation and operation of customised recycling facilities. We can also offer finance for the entire project.

Vilokan’s facilities around the world are saving the environment from

31 888 tonnes*

of CO2 per year

We have saved the environment from

791 845 680 litres*

of used de-icing fluid that contains glycol and heavy metals

Our recycling has reduced the cost of glycol and waste management for the airports with

more than 50%*

Pure water is in short supply but our recycling facilities have produced

679 719 033 litres*

of purified water

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

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Vilokan ADF Solutions recycles 100 tons of pure glycol a week = CO2 footprint from 20 760 cars!

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A Solution for Every Need

Vilokan ADF Solutions is a full service partner for all an airport’s needs, when it comes to the processing of used de-icing fluid. We can act as a technical supplier to an existing landside service company and provide maintenance and support. Or we can run the entire operation and even take care of the financing. Choose selected parts or everything – the most important thing is that the cycle is closed. For the environment, For the economy, For the future.