Sustainability for us

For the Vilokan Group, sustainability is a given in our daily work. We are constantly making active choices and taking strategic decisions towards realising our vision – A pure future. Publishing our 2022 sustainability report is a first for us, and a source of great pride. In this report, we sum up our initiatives and present our long-term and short-term goals, highlight our achievements and how we are acting on our challenges. 

The report describes our efforts within a number of sustainability domains such as environmental performance, social responsibility and economic sustainability. Our aim is for the report to demonstrate our transparency and openness, and provide deeper insights into our activities. 

Vilokan Group is aiding the transition towards a more sustainable society today by introducing closed-loop systems for waste streams and enabling water and other raw materials to be managed efficiently and effectively, from both a circular economy and value creation perspective. The Technology business area develops cost-effective waste management and raw material recycling solutions, and the Solutions business area can deploy the systems and recycling solutions to return purified water and recycled raw materials to the customer’s operations, as well as provide the Fluids business area with the residual recycled raw material for reprocessing into new products. 

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

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Vilokan ADF Solutions GmbH, begin the operation of the Recycling Plant and ADF fluid management at MUC

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A Solution for Every Need

Vilokan ADF Solutions is a full service partner for all an airport’s needs, when it comes to the processing of used de-icing fluid. We can act as a technical supplier to an existing landside service company and provide maintenance and support. Or we can run the entire operation and even take care of the financing. Choose selected parts or everything – the most important thing is that the cycle is closed. For the environment, For the economy, For the future.