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Vilokan ADF Solutions

100% focus on airport de-icing

Vilokan ADF Solution is a company that specialises in assisting responsible airports across the globe to process used de-icing fluid. Together we help save the environment, purify water and recycle glycol. Vilokan ADF Solutions closes the cycle and creates a profitable business with a turnkey service.

We focus 100% on Aircraft De-icing Fluids. Which is why we have ADF in our name. However, the technology we use to solve the needs of the airports comes from the automotive industry. We are part of the Vilokan Group that has more than 30 years’ experience of water purification and raw material recycling.

With Volvo as one of our first clients, we were schooled in an environment with just-in-time-delivery and no-down-time-tolerance. Being based in Sweden, we have worked in a leading country regarding strict emission regulations and environmental awareness. But also in a harsh climate that has meant that we have genuine insight into the real challenges of winter.

Our philosophy is to work with high technical innovation in combination with many years of experience. At the same time we are particular about using well-proven, standard components in order to future-proof the supply of spare parts for as long as possible and to guarantee a stable and dependable environment.

Vilokan ADF Solutions is also a service supplier that assists airport operators with maintenance, servicing, operation, logistics solutions and financing.

We offer our customers experience, expertise and commitment to the environment, economy and the future.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

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Vilokan ADF Solutions GmbH, begin the operation of the Recycling Plant and ADF fluid management at MUC

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A Solution for Every Need

Vilokan ADF Solutions is a full service partner for all an airport’s needs, when it comes to the processing of used de-icing fluid. We can act as a technical supplier to an existing landside service company and provide maintenance and support. Or we can run the entire operation and even take care of the financing. Choose selected parts or everything – the most important thing is that the cycle is closed. For the environment, For the economy, For the future.