First of two plants delivered to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland from Vilokan ADF Solutions

First of two plants delivered to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Ohio, USA from Vilokan ADF Solutions in Sweden. These plants will purify used de-icing fluid at the airport, recycle glycol and cleaning the water. “The environment is negatively impacted by the de-icing fluid sprayed onto aircrafts before take-off. The main component, glycol, requires…

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A virtual tour takes you to the facility at Arlanda!

It’s been just over one year after Vilokan ADF Solutions opened their facility at Arlanda and started the production of recycled glycol from Arlanda airport and several other airports in Sweden and Norway. Now they turn to the rest of the world. This will be done, among other things, through a virtual campaign aimed at…

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Lars Rosell, CEO Vilokan ADF Solutions is nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year!

Ernst & Young selects the year’s most successful entrepreneur in the world, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year and Lars Rosell founder and co-owner of Vilokan Group is now one of the 10 candidates in the regional final in Western Sweden. The regional final is decided in November 5:th. Reed more here. Just being nominated for this prestigious award together…

Easyjet Winter Readiness Conference, 10th of July 2019

At the Easyjet Winter Readiness Conference, 10th of July 2019  in Duxford GB, Vilokan ADF Solutions was represented as sponsor and exhibitor. During the conference the speakers share their knowledge and experience in different aspects of winter operations and the challenges they have faced over the winter season. A big focus was set to achieve…

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Long-distance visit from Beijing Capital International Airport…

On April 24 we had a long-distance visit from Beijing. It was a group from Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) who visited at their visit to Swedavia where the purpose of the visit was to study Swedavia’s development of sustainable airports. Swedavia/Stockholm Arlanda Airport is a “sister airport” with Beijing Capital International Airport since 2016. All…

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Winter Readiness Conference 2018

Vilokan will attend the easyJet conference on July 13 in England and Thomas Bergström will give a lecture. Over 200 airports will be represented on site and the focus is on issues concerning de-icing and winter. Read more about the conference here.

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"Previously 10,000 tons was disposed of. Now the glycol can be recycled instead!"

Swedish airport operator Swedavia, with 37.6 million passengers, is a leading player when it comes to environmental issues Vilokan now closes the cycle so that Swedavia can recycle and reuse valuable glycol.

"We are now global leaders in glycol recycling"

Montreal Pierre Trudeau Airport (YUL) has invested approx. 10 million CAD (approx. 65 million SEK) in a facility from Vilokan ADF Solutions. It will be operated by AeroMag 2000, who take care of the de-icing onsite.