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We appreciate the diversity of experiences and ideas in our continuous pursuit of progress. We would like to work with you if you have industry experience and are an economist or engineer. We believe that a balance between individual development and company success creates the best foundation for mutual growth. Are you interested in working with us? Do not hesitate to submit your application, even if there are currently no open positions. We welcome both veterans with extensive industry experience and new faces with fresh ideas.

We are convinced that the diversity in our workforce is a key to success. Contact us at and let us together create a working environment where we collectively drive innovation and development forward. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your contribution to our team. Contact us at

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

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Vilokan ADF Solutions recycles 100 tons of pure glycol a week = CO2 footprint from 20 760 cars!

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Vilokan ADF Solutions is a full service partner for all an airport’s needs, when it comes to the processing of used de-icing fluid. We can act as a technical supplier to an existing landside service company and provide maintenance and support. Or we can run the entire operation and even take care of the financing. Choose selected parts or everything – the most important thing is that the cycle is closed. For the environment, For the economy, For the future.