First of two plants delivered to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland from Vilokan ADF Solutions

First of two plants delivered to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Ohio, USA from Vilokan ADF Solutions in Sweden. These plants will purify used de-icing fluid at the airport, recycle glycol and cleaning the water.

“The environment is negatively impacted by the de-icing fluid sprayed onto aircrafts before take-off. The main component, glycol, requires a large amount of oxygen in order to break down. This harms the enviroment, especially waterways. In addition, used de-icing fluid from aircraft contains cadmium and heavy metals. Many airports do not take care of their used de-icing fluid. Instead they simply let the fluid run out into the surrounding environment. At Vilokan ADF Solutions we can help airports across the globe take more environmental responsibility by collecting and purifying their used de-icing fluid.”, says Lars Rosell, Chairman of the Vilokan Group and CEO of Vilokan ADF Solutions.

”By collecting and purifying used de-icing fluid, the airport strengthens its sustainability work and at the same time equips itself for growing regulatory requirements on emissions and efficient resource us. In addition, the airports reduce their waste costs.The purification process also enables the recycling of a raw material that is a finite fossil resource –glycol. A long term sustainable process that also holds great economic potential. So this is a win-win for all, – for the environment, – for the economy, – for the future”. concludes Lars.  


"Previously 10,000 tons was disposed of. Now the glycol can be recycled instead!"

Swedish airport operator Swedavia, with 37.6 million passengers, is a leading player when it comes to environmental issues Vilokan now closes the cycle so that Swedavia can recycle and reuse valuable glycol.

"We are now global leaders in glycol recycling"

Montreal Pierre Trudeau Airport (YUL) has invested approx. 10 million CAD (approx. 65 million SEK) in a facility from Vilokan ADF Solutions. It will be operated by AeroMag 2000, who take care of the de-icing onsite.