Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Vilokan ADF Solutions has delivered two systems that take care of used de-icing fluid that is collected on the de-icing surfaces at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The liquid normally contains about 10% glycol and the final product will be a filtered product containing at least 50% glycol. These two facilities are built by our sister company…

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10 airports – an end-to-end service solution for Swedavia

Swedish airport operator Swedavia, serving 37.6 million passengers annually, holds a leading position within environmental areas. Vilokan has been tasked with closing the loop system so that Swedavia can recycle and reuse valuable glycol from all 10 airports in Sweden. Previously, 10,000 tonnes were sent to sewage treatment facilities. Instead the glycol can now be…

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Stockholm Skavsta Airport – recycling via an app

Since 2016, Vilokan ADF Solutions has an on-site presence in Stockholm/Nyköping at Skavsta Airport (NYO). Here the used de-icing fluid is gathered and cleaned. The concentration of the glycol is then increased in order for the recycling process to continue at one of Vilokan’s other facilities in Stockholm. As the end-to-end solution involves transportation, Vilokan…

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“We’re going to be world leaders in glycol recycling”

Philippe Rainville, Vice-President, Planning, Engineering and Construction at Aeroports de Montreal (ADM) is enthusiastic when he presents the new recycling facility in 2014. Vilokan ADF Solutions is behind this impressive facility which handles the entire process, from the collection of used de-icing fluids through a series of complex procedures, to new recycled de-icing fluids that…

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"Previously 10,000 tons was disposed of. Now the glycol can be recycled instead!"

Swedish airport operator Swedavia, with 37.6 million passengers, is a leading player when it comes to environmental issues Vilokan now closes the cycle so that Swedavia can recycle and reuse valuable glycol.

"We are now global leaders in glycol recycling"

Montreal Pierre Trudeau Airport (YUL) has invested approx. 10 million CAD (approx. 65 million SEK) in a facility from Vilokan ADF Solutions. It will be operated by AeroMag 2000, who take care of the de-icing onsite.