Vilokan Group’s new website launched!

At the beginning of the year, Vilokan Group launched its online initiative in the form of a new website for the entire group. The objective is to describe Vilokan Group’s values and the companies within the group. Vilokan Group works for the environment, the economy, and the future. 

The economy of the future is circular
A growing population and intensifying economic activities consume the world’s resources at an ever increasing pace. We need a sustainable development and an economy based on circularity – a circular economy. Increasing numbers of people are attracted to an economic system designed to recreate resources, over and over again. Where resource efficiency goes hand in hand with business benefits. Vilokan Group helps customers around the world to participate in this profitable transformation.

Closed cycles are our goal Vilokan Group is constantly searching for new opportunities to close cycles. For this reason, the group is also constantly
changing, through organic growth, acquisitions or joint ventures. Today, all the companies in Vilokan Group facilitate environmental improvement. By interacting with each other, synergies are created that further accelerates the circular economy. The result is offers that are customer-oriented, sustainable in the long term and profitable. 

Three business areas 
The group consists of three different business areas: Technology, Solutions and Fluid.
Vilokan Recycling Tech – Purification and recycling of water and solvents.
Vilokan ADF Solutions – Recycling of used deicing fluid at airports.
Arom-dekor Kemi – Production and sale of chemicals for vehicles, industry and households.

Vilokan Group has a turnover of approx. SEK 430 million and customers in over 20 countries.