Arom-dekor Kemi is growing again and expanding by another 3,500 m2.

In 2012, Arom-dekor Kemi moved from the 800 m2 premises in Björketorp to a newly-constructed facility in Lockryd with 3,300 m2 of floor space, which felt enormous back then. That was eight years ago and since then Arom-dekor has been leasing this property, which was built by the municipality-owned company, Svenljunga Industrifastigheter. It is now time for Arom-dekor to take the next step in our growth journey and we are purchasing the property for just over SEK 28 million and will be investing almost another SEK 40 million to expand it. Once the project is completed, the total internal space will be about 10,000 m2.

“Since moving here just over eight years ago, our sales have grown by SEK 180 million from SEK 70 million to in excess of SEK 250 million. Our target for next year (2021) is SEK 300 million. We need more space to enable us to increase our production and warehouse capacity in order to achieve this target. Moreover, we have out-grown our existing offices, lunchroom/kitchen and so on. This expansion will give us room for everything and there’s even a gym measuring more than 150 m2 included in the plans,” says Christian Lundell, partner and CEO.

“The additional 3,500 square metres will double the size of the property. It has always been the aim of the municipal authority here in Svenljunga to sell the property to us. Since we wanted to expand the property so much, we felt it was a good time to purchase it and do it under our own control. Leasing the property allowed us to expand in 2012 and instead of investing in the building we were able to invest in production equipment and everything else that we needed then. This has been a good arrangement for us but now we’re ready to stand on our own two feet,” says Christian in closing.

The expansion work is scheduled for completion at the end of 2021. Arom-dekor Kemi produces windscreen washer fluid, AdBlue® and other types of automotive chemical products for the Nordic transport sector. In March 2020, when the pandemic struck, Arom-dekor swiftly converted its production to hand sanitiser and this has now become part of the company’s standard range of products.