World leading recycling of spent ADF in Montreal

Vilokan ADF Solutions strengthens its position as a leading supplier of recycling systems for spent ADF.

Starting this week, Montreal Pierre Trudeau Airport (YUL) recycles spent ADF using a complete recycling system provided by Vilokan ADF Solutions. The facility is built for the deicing operator AeroMag 2000 and the airport operator Aeroports de Montreal (ADM). The commissioning was celebrated on October 29 with a grand opening in AeroMags facilities at the airport with a large number of guests from the industry, media and community.

“This facility makes us a world-leader in the recycling of ethylene glycol and is an important step in our efforts to promote sustainable development in all aspects of our operations,” says Philippe Rainville, Vice-President, Planning, Engineering and Construction vid ADM.

The total investment amounts to around 10 million CAD. It enables recycling of spent ADF, creating an end product consisting of 99.5% concentrated and certified ethylene glycol. It also allows blending of new ADF on site. Following the inauguration, the facility now is the most modern closed loop system for ADF recycling and Vilokan ADF Solutions thereby strengthens its position as a leading supplier of recycling systems for managing spent ADF in a profitable way, both environmentally and financially.

The recycling system comes with many advantages. On top of better ability to forecast ADF production costs, the recycling also implies 30 % lower deicing costs for the carriers. Also, the recycling leads to better use of natural resources and less transports, which benefit the environment and the community.

AeroMag 2000 was founded in 1997 and today operates deicing in North America and UK. Currently, AeroMag 2000 is responsible for the deicing operations at airports in Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal (Dorval and Mirabel) as well as Heathrow (UK) and Newark (US) among others. Every year, on average 9.400 aircrafts are deiced by the company.

"Previously 10,000 tons was disposed of. Now the glycol can be recycled instead!"

Swedish airport operator Swedavia, with 37.6 million passengers, is a leading player when it comes to environmental issues Vilokan now closes the cycle so that Swedavia can recycle and reuse valuable glycol.

"We are now global leaders in glycol recycling"

Montreal Pierre Trudeau Airport (YUL) has invested approx. 10 million CAD (approx. 65 million SEK) in a facility from Vilokan ADF Solutions. It will be operated by AeroMag 2000, who take care of the de-icing onsite.