Vilokan ADF Solutions builds a pilot plant to purify water and recover glycol from De-Icing Operations at Helsinki Airport

Increasingly the Aviation industry realises the need for a sustainable
future, to embrace the best practices available, and reduce the impact of their operations on the environment. To help with their environmental program and in partnership, with Finavia at Helsinki Vantaa Airport, Vilokan ADF Solutions has installed a mobile pilot plant to evaluate their latest recycling technology, which treats wastewater containing used deicing fluids. The equipment generates clean water and glycol which can be recycled and reused in further de-icing operations, creating a closed loop system.

Jani Elasmaa, Vice President Airline Operations, Finavia comments when the plant was taken into use were: ”We already collect almost every drop of used fluids to be treated at water treatment plants, using vacuum cleaning units together with built-for-purpose infrastructure, but extracting the material for circular economy purposes is something that makes me really happy! ♻️