Vilokan AB acquires 80% of the shares in Arom-dekor Kemi AB

Our amazing journey continues, now with Vilokan AB who is acquires 80% of the shares in Arom-dekor Kemi AB.

Christian Lundell bought Arom-dekor Kemi in 2008 and since then a lot has happened, the company now has 30 employees and the turnover in 2015 was 120 million SEK. Arom-dekor Kemi AB is today one of Scandinavia’s leading suppliers of NOx reducing, AdBlue® and other chemicals for automotive care and general cleaning applications.


Along with Vilokan AB, we will now strengthen our position at the market. Vilokan Group develops innovative environmental technology applications for industrial customers, based on over 25 years of experience. The company supplies equipment and services for the recycling of solvents, glycol and other commodities. Through the acquisition of 80% of the Arom-dekor Kemi AB Vilokan can help strengthen Arom-dekors market position further. Vilokankoncernen are owned by Johan Brandberg, Lars Rosell, Karl-Henrik Jönsson and the family-owned investment company Gullspång Invest AB.

I am very grateful for the years and the journey that we’ve been through and now I look very much forward to working with Vilokan, says CEO and former owner Christian Lundell.

– Christian and the employees of the company have been impressively developed the company to become a leading supplier of AdBlue® in Scandinavia. We are happy and proud to continue and develop the company and strengthen its market position further together with Christian. We look forward to continued good cooperation with our customers and suppliers, concludes Lars Rosell Vilokan.

Contact information for Arom-dekor Kemi AB remains unchanged and Christian Lundell will continue as CEO of the company. Contact Vilokan: Lars Rosell tel: 0526-18731,

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