Arom-dekor Kemi is reusing production water instead of sending it for disposal

It is a well-known fact that manufacturing industries are major consumers of water, and Arom-dekor Kemi is no exception. Like many others, Arom-dekor Kemi is looking for ways to reduce its water usage and reuse as much water as possible.

“We are committed to doing what we can to lessen our impact on the environment and this project is one of many. We produce a range of different products and are constantly trying to optimise our processes using smart planning. Smart planning means we can minimise the number of changeovers and thus the number of equipment washes”.

“We have introduced a new procedure whereby a filling process ends by rinsing the system and the filling equipment with water, exactly as before. The big difference is that whereas we used to send the wash water for disposal, we now reuse it for new products. Since the wash water only contains water + a small amount of the product last filled, it is perfectly fine to reuse it without any effect on the quality of the end product,” explains Bosse Josefsson, Environmental Manager at Arom-dekor Kemi.

If we rinse the system after producing glycol, for example, the wash water can be used for a ready-mix of the same sort of glycol. If we have produced windscreen washer fluid, the wash water contains water + washer fluid which can be used for a ready-mix of windscreen washer fluid, and so on. So now instead of sending the wash water away for disposal, we are using it in our products, which is beneficial to the environment, our wallets and the future”.

It is thanks to our production supervisor Reba Sabir and other staff in the production unit who have applied their expertise and knowledge that these production flows can be improved and we have a practical solution for managing the wash water,” says Bosse.