Arom-dekor Kemi appoints deputy CEO, current sales manager Herman Bruno

Arom-dekor Kemi has grown rapidly and a lot in recent years. This obviously places a lot of demands on more than being able to deliver products to their customers. Processes and structures also need to grow and develop with the development of a fast-growing company. This is why Arom-dekor’s board appoints a deputy CEO, current head of sales/Sweden Herman Bruno as deputy CEO.

The purpose is to represent the company and act in place of the managing director when he (Christian Lundell) is temporarily unable to fulfill his function for some reason and to thereby receive a more official mandate to handle certain issues.

Herman Bruno has been involved in Arom-dekor’s development since 2012 and knows the company well. Herman continues as before in his current role as sales manager for Sweden, supporting and leading his sales-/marketing team of approx. 10 people.

”My daily work will not be affected to any great extent and I´m already a part of the management team, but this is of course an honorable and fun assignment that I will manage in the best possible way,” says Herman Bruno