A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth even more!

A video is an effective way to showcase a product and makes the information easily accessible to the viewers. It is a lot simpler to convey the right feel for the product using a combination of narrative, text and moving images. There is also a growing trend among many kinds of B2C and B2B companies to produce visual content using fairly simple equipment.

“We’ll be investing some considerable time and resources in videos and moving content through 2020 and beyond. Although this project has been on our want-to-do list for a while, it’s only now that we’ve found the time and a really good production tool for the job. One of our criteria has been to find a toolkit that lets us manage the entire production process ourselves in a simple, quick and professional manner. We’ve now found a production tool (Storykit) that meets our criteria and wishes,” explains Madeleine Olsen, Market Communication Manager at ​Arom-dekor Kemi.

In-house production from start to completion
We’re doing everything ourselves… script/storyboard production, filming, editing, sound, etc. Christoffer Idh is our very own film star. He’s our “wash expert” and knows everything there is to know, and more, about washing and cleaning products.

Starting with product facts
We’ve begun by producing some factual videos for our ​own range of AdProLine® automotive chemicals. We hope and believe that our customers will appreciate these short and informative videos about our products. In less than one minute, they’ll learn about the main features of the product and how to use it for best results.

Instructional videos
At some point in the future, we’ll also be producing slightly longer and more in-depth videos explaining, for example, how best to clean an entire vehicle. These will need to be longer than a minute as they’ll probably include several different products to achieve perfect results.

Three videos have now been released
The three videos that we’ve produced to date are for the shampoo & wax, cold degreaser and power wash products in the AdProLine®​​ range. The videos are all available in three languages and for all of our markets, i.e. Sweden, Norway and Finland,” says Madeleine in closing.