About us

Vilokan Recycling Tech

Thirty years of experience with environmental technology
Since 1987, Vilokan Recycling Tech has been developing bespoke solutions to the complex purification and recycling issues that industrial and public sector players have to deal with. We have designed thousands of installations for the purification and recycling of water and solvents. Installations operating in locations all over the world.

The future is drain-free
We are convinced that the future belongs to the circular economy. That recycling, closed systems and linking circuits together are all essential. A circular milestone was achieved back in 1995 when Vilokan Recycling Tech established the first completely drain-free factory in Sweden for Volvo. It proved to be the first of many, and we strive constantly to create closed systems wherever possible.

From the earliest chapters of our history, environmental commitment was at the heart of our business, and we are proud to call ourselves pioneers in the field of environmental technology. We understood from the start that our solutions also had to provide financial benefits if they were to succeed. As a result of our success in combining of these two aspects, Vilokan stands proud today as a group selling products and services which all carry positive benefits for the environment, for the economy and for the future.

The Group’s innovation centre
The technical solutions created at Vilokan Recycling Tech are at the very heart of the Vilokan Group. The company functions as the Group’s innovation hub, and constitutes the Technology business area.

Vilokan Recycling Tech focuses on creating bespoke solutions, but in some sectors and areas of use, the commissions have become so extensive that we have been able to develop scalable modular solutions that accommodate an overwhelming majority of needs. These concept solutions streamline the process even further and translate into benefits of scale on purchasing. In addition, more and more customers are requesting service solutions that encompass the staffing of operations, and in some cases, even the financing of the entire installation. Certain concepts grow to such a scale that they require a separate organisation of their own, such as our handling of Aircraft Deicing Fluid (ADF) at airports.

The Solutions and Fluids business areas
Vilokan ADF Solutions is a success story built on technical solutions from Vilokan Recycling Tech. Vilokan ADF Solutions helps airports all over the world to deal with used deicing fluid, protecting natural assets, purifying the water and recycling the glycol. As a part of the Solutions business area, Vilokan ADF Solutions focuses on supplying holistic solutions that can also encompass financing, ownership and operation of the facilities that serve airports.

The third business area in the Vilokan Group is Fluids. This area comprises the chemical company Arom-Dekor Kemi, which makes it possible to operate a completely individual circuit within the Group, where recycled raw materials and purified water from the Group’s other areas can be transformed into new products. A sales opportunity that entails a potential source of income for Vilokan Recycling Tech customers. The fact that our sister company also has a fleet of vehicles that can be used in cost-efficient logistics chains only serves to make the future even brighter and more circular.