Vilokan Recycling Techs technology at Volvo’s state-of-the-art sewerless and recirculating factory.

Danne Lundgren is an operations technician specialising in process maintenance at Volvo Construction Equipment’s production facility in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Large quantities of cutting fluids, cleaning fluids and curtain water from painting are handled here. With treatment plants developed by Vilokan Recycling Tech, the plant is a pioneer of sustainability within the field of water treatment for closed loop factory.

“We work very closely with the municipality and have full control over our flows of fluids both in and out of the plant. We also work with closed loops. Our treated water is much in demand in production because it has been shown that it prevents rust problems. An example where recycling also leads to refinement”, explains Lundgren.

The current treatment plant with two evaporators was installed at the beginning of the 2010s. A new environmental imperative required new solutions. But extensive analysis was carried out before the major renovations and remodelling could begin.“Vilokan’s technical know-how is extensive, but I think their ability to engage with our business is just as important. They have always been very committed and have had an “Now let’s solve this!” attitude. I have always felt great support from Vilokan and a willingness to provide a service that I really appreciate”, continues Danne Lundgren.

On the question of how long Vilokan treatment plant will be in service for, 
Danne Lundgren says that it is difficult to answer. The system is constantly 
evolving and old equipment rejuvenated, for example, with new frequency 
controls. Components and systems are being developed, replaced and processed. 

“I constantly try to tweak the system and find ways to make further optimisations. Vilokan is an excellent partner in this work. Right now we are working on finding the perfect sequence for which fluids we clean in what order and how it can extend the intervals before the system needs cleaning. Volvo together with Vilokan Recycling Tech, were early in the development of the management of process water in closed systems. And we have never stopped developing solutions. I still look for ways to make further optimisations on a daily basis. There is always something to research!”, states Danne Lundgren from Volvo Construction Equipment.

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