We converted our production from windscreen washer fluid to hand sanitiser in just 48 hours. “We want to help if we can!”

Demand for hand sanitiser and disinfectant has surged in a short space of time as the coronavirus spreads. “After making the decision to convert our production in early March, it took less than 48 hours before the first product had rolled off the line and was packaged up ready for delivery,” says Christian Lundell, CEO and partner of Arom-dekor Kemi AB.

Over the past five weeks or so, Arom-dekor Kemi AB has concentrated almost entirely on producing hand sanitiser and surface disinfectant products. “Demand for these products soared from one day to the next and we felt that we had a responsibility to do what we could to help. What’s more, we’re already equipped with almost everything we need, with our own design department, label printer, etc. Most of what we produce is sold through dealers. We’ve been working hard to deliver as fast as we can, especially when the products are needed for health care, elderly care services and other priority settings,” Christian explains.

Praise for employees
Arom-dekor’s production facilities are located just outside the town of Borås. The company has 50 employees who are currently working as much as they can to meet demand. “Everyone is doing an amazing job and many of our staff are coming in to work seven days a week. Alongside the new production line, we’re still manufacturing our regular products. This conversion to hand sanitiser production is temporary and we are proud to be able to help in this time of need. We hope the situation will improve very quickly and we are sending our thoughts to all those affected,” says Christian
in closing.

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