Vilokan Group, the Impactgazelle of the Year 2023

In October, Vilokan Group received the DI Gazelle 2023 award. On December 5th, Vilokan also received the honorary award as the Impact Gazelle of the Year 2023 at Dagens Industri’s Gazelle Gala in Stockholm City Hall. The award, established by DI, is based on the United Nations’ global sustainability goals and is presented to a company that, in addition to strong growth, also uses its business to impact society in a more sustainable direction. Through its business activities, the company works to address prioritized societal issues. The award aims to inspire and highlight the role of the business sector in sustainability development.

“We are very proud to have been awarded the DI Gazelle 2023 and to have also received the honorary award as the Impact Gazelle of the Year 2023, is amacing,” said Johan Brandberg, CEO of Vilokan Group. “This recognition confirms our commitment to growth and economic stability, while we work long-term to steer the industry towards a more circular and sustainable direction. We look forward to continuing to develop innovative and sustainable technological solutions to meet the needs of the future and promote sustainability within the industry,” Johan concluded.

Unanimous Jury
A 100% unanimous jury stands behind this year’s motivation, which reads; “The Impact Gazelle of the Year proves with impressive metrics both economic and environmental aspects that it is possible to combine profitability and societal benefit. With innovative expertise, they can purify everything from water to chemical substances, and the result is beneficial for both other businesses and the planet.”

Watch the video from the award ceremony (4.45 minutes).