Vilokan Group, proud recipient of the Di Gasell 2023 award

At Vilokan Group, we are proud to have been awarded the prestigious Di Gasell 2023 accolade. This recognition affirms our commitment to growth and financial stability, while also working towards driving the industry in a more circular and sustainable direction.

To qualify as a Di Gasell, a company must meet strict criteria for financial performance, including impressive revenue growth, sustained profitability, and a healthy financial balance. Therefore, this award serves as evidence of Vilokan’s stability and ability to deliver innovative solutions.

Vilokan Group develops technology solutions that harness resources and reduce waste volumes. Our long-term goal is to steer the industry towards a more circular and sustainable future, particularly for industrial sectors generating liquid waste streams. Our technology transforms these flows into income sources, sources for enhanced operational control, or new raw materials. Where others see waste, we see value. By leveraging technology and innovations, we promote responsible management of our natural resources, all in line with our vision of ’A Clean Future.’

”We are proud of the Di Gasell 2023 award and our work, and we look forward to continuing to develop innovative and sustainable technology solutions to meet the needs of the future and drive sustainability within the industry,” says Johan Brandberg, CEO of Vilokan Group.