Vilokan appoints new CEO and places focus on international growth

The Swedish environmental technology group, Vilokan Group, has appointed Ronnie Törnqvist as its new CEO with the objective of
accelerating its international activities in the field of circular economy in wastewater treatment solutions. Ronnie Törnqvist has a long-standing background in international manufacturing operations with extensive
experience of developing companies through growth and international expansion.

“Companies that re-use their wastewater are lowering their carbon emissions, reducing energy consumption and improving their profit margins. We are pleased that Ronnie Törnqvist has joined us to boost Vilokan’s international expansion so that we can meet the growing demand for circular economy wastewater solutions,” says Magnus Brandberg, Chairman of the Board of Vilokan AB and founder and partner of Gullspång Invest, which owns one third of Vilokan Group.

Vilokan Group builds on more than 30 years of experience of innovation in environmental technology, water treatment and recycling. Vilokan’s technology helps industries reduce their water consumption and manage their waste, often with the aim of achieving a closed-loop process without any discharge. Companies keep their costs down by reducing raw material usage, and having a closed-loop system means their reliance on supply chains is minimised and they face fewer regulatory constraints. Vilokan also sells the recycled chemicals to the market as consumer products, such as antifreeze and wiper fluid. Vilokan also offers AdBlue which reduces nitrogen oxide emissions from cars.

“Companies that are re-using their water will find themselves at a considerable advantage when water shortage becomes more severe. Vilokan’s circular approach to water treatment and re-use of chemicals puts us in a fantastic position and I am looking forward to expanding our offering to more markets,” says Ronnie Törnqvist.

This autumn, Vilokan Group is starting up subsidiary operations in the USA and UK in response to strong demand for treatment solutions for processing industries and for cleaning and recycling of de-icing fluids at airports. These operations will drive Vilokan’s international expansion and underpin its ability to deliver across two major markets.

“Vilokan Group has tremendous potential for growth. My main tasks will be to structure the organisation for further growth, take our international expansion to the next level and unleash the innovative power within our company,” says Ronnie Törnqvist.

Before joining Vilokan Group, Ronnie Törnqvist was the CEO of Autoform Group, a supplier to the automotive industry. Over the past decade, he has held several CEO roles in international manufacturing industries with a focus on expansion. Ronnie has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Linköping and a PhD in Material Science from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland.


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