Vilokan acquires majority stake in the Norwegian firm EPCON

The Swedish environmental technology group, Vilokan, is enhancing its international offering by increasing its holding in the Norwegian company EPCON Evaporation Technology AS. “We see significant global potential for EPCON’s technology,” says Lars Rosell, deputy CEO of Vilokan Group and new chairman of EPCON.

Vilokan, the Swedish environmental technology group specialising in water purification and recycling, has exercised its option to buy a majority stake in the Norwegian process technology company EPCON. Upon completion of the acquisition on 1 January 2023, Vilokan became the largest shareholder in EPCON. Vilokan has built up a strong position in the international market for recycling of process water, aircraft de-icing fluids and other solvents. EPCON has established a strong presence in the international market for energy-efficient solutions for thermal separation and energy recovery using industrial mechanical vapour recompression heat pumps (MVRHP). The acquisition further strengthens the competitive position of the Vilokan Group in the international market for water recycling, energy recovery and sustainable use of resources in a number of sectors.

Global transition to a green economy
Collective expertise and insights into the green transition of the global industry are a unifying factor. Lars Rosell comments, “We are deeply impressed by the breadth and level of technological expertise that EPCON offers in the field of separation technology and energy efficiency. Moreover, we have a shared view of how we can contribute to minimising environmental impacts by providing economically and environmentally sustainable recycling solutions”.

Focus on growth
With the Group’s financial, technological and operational strength, the acquisition presents significant, international growth opportunities over the coming years. “As part of a group this size, EPCON will be able to take the next step towards robust and sustainable growth within our areas of application and support the global transition of industry to a green economy. A number of technological, business, strategic and financial synergies exist between the companies and within the Group, and these can now be fully explored and exploited to bring benefits to our customers. We have already launched several joint projects and see significant potential for further growth,” says Jan Haraldsen, CEO of EPCON Evaporation Technology AS.