First Nordic Swan-labelled products of Arom-dekor Kemi now available!

Arom-dekor Kemi’s development department constantly works to develop, refine and improve our range of products. Recently we have worked hard on the environmental aspects of the new products for washing systems, which are now available and ecolabelled with the Nordic Swan. The products are sold under Arom-dekor Kemi’s own brand AdProLine®, vehicle chemicals of the highest quality. AdProLine® has been developed by pros for pros.

”We can now proudly add another ecolabel on our list. This list already includes AdProLine® Washer fluid featuring the Swedish ecolabel “Bra Miljöval”, and now we can add the Nordic Swan to the list. This is a result of our constant product development, our environmental effort and our endeavour to have the best possible products in our range with as little environmental impact as possible,” says Magnus Kämpe, MSc Chemical Engineer at Arom-dekor Kemi AB.

The AdProLine®-series for car washes that are Nordic Swan labelled is specially developed for automatic car wash systems. Alkali Aid is an alkaline concentrate for use with the detergents Surfactant or Foam Surfactant, the series also includes the brush shampoo Brush Aid.