Arom-dekor Kemi to change suits in three countries.

On 1 March 2019, Arom-dekor Kemi will change “suits” by changing our logotype and graphic profile/identity in all the markets where we have a presence, i.e., Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Nobody knows exactly how long the current logotype has been around, but probably a long time. Arom-dekor Kemi was founded in 1940, and to begin with operations were based on producing aromas and decorations for bakeries, hence the name, “Arom-dekor”. The word Kemi was added later, so a lot has changed since 1940.

We have been discussing this change for the last 3-4 years, but didn’t feel ready previously. However, after we became a part of Vilokan Group 2016, the decision emerged, and now it feels right to take this step. There are several reasons, but some of the main ones are that we want:
– to clearly show that we belong to Vilokan Group.
– to clearly show our values regarding the environment.
– to have a more modern logotype that feels like 2020 rather than 1940.
– to include a symbol in the logotype that we can use in a playful way in various contexts.

“All changes are a result of what is happening in the world, climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our age, and our industry has a major role to play in this regard and will do so going forward. One example is the work we carry on jointly with Vilokan who purify deicing fluid from airports. We then reintroduce this product (Propylene glycol) in the market. We are also in the middle of an exciting and expansive phase where, in addition to growing in existing markets, we are also breaking new ground. The fact that we started up in Finland at the turn of 2018/2019 is proof of this. The “suit change” is a way of showing that we want to change and are constantly developing both internally and externally,” says Christian Lundell/CEO at Arom-dekor Kemi AB.