Arom-dekor Kemi sets sales records two months in a row.

“Not only do we turn 10 this year, we also set sales records for the second consecutive month this year. Like September, October was a really strong month, something we are very pleased about. Particularly given that, just like our industry colleagues, we wrestled with high commodity prices and a high EU exchange rate during the autumn. We do everything we can to best serve our existing and new customers with products and services. We see this strong increase and growth as proof that we are doing things right”, says Christian Lundell, CEO of Arom-dekor Kemi AB. 

Arom-dekor Kemi was started in 2008 and today is the leading total supplier of nitrogen dioxide reducing AdBlue® and other vehicle chemicals, such as washer fluid, glycol and cleaning products for the Nordic region’s transport sector. The company has a quality control system throughout the entire chain, from production to packaging and delivery, to ensure consistently high quality. It possesses a wealth of expertise that has enabled it to produce new solutions and a broad range of products in quick succession over the years. 

“We have long been at the forefront of logistics and filling stations for AdBlue® and in addition we have a wide selection of chemicals. The fact that we have experts in the field means that, in addition to selling products, we can advise customers on the uses of, for example, glycol and which glycol is suitable for which vehicle. For us, it is important that customers get the information they need and that it is correct”, concludes Christian Lundell. 

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