Arom-dekor Kemi, Master Gazelle and a growth company in a tough industry!

A company awarded the accolade of Gazelle company on three or more
occasions, over the 20 years that Dagens industri has awarded the title of
Sweden’s leading growth company, is awarded the honorary title of Master
Gazelle. The basis for the Gazelle survey is the company’s four most recent
annual reports and of the more than 10,000 companies that have been
appointed as Gazelle companies since its inception in 2000, only about
1,400 belong to the exclusive ring that may call themselves Master Gazelles, which Arom-dekor Kemi can now do.

The chemicals industry is tough and smaller companies often live on the margin. Arom-dekor Kemi are well aware of the fierce competition, but they have chosen not to give up. They are swimming against the tide through strong growth – and new acquisitions. It is no understatement to say that Arom-decor Kemi has been on an exciting journey since Christian Lundell decided to build the company from the ground up in 2008. Today, they are a leading total supplier of the nitrogen oxide reducing agent AdBlue® and other vehicle chemicals to the Nordic region’s transport sector. 

”We control the whole chain from production to packaging and delivery. This means that we can always guarantee consistent high quality. We also offer selected chemical ranges to the industry and the consumer market”, says Christian Lundell, who has a long experience in the chemical industry. In principle, all production and packaging takes place in the factory just outside Borås, which was built in 2012. Arom-dekor Kemi is growing strongly and today more than 35,000 cubic metres of chemical products are handled each year. 

In 2016, Vilokan acquired 80% of the shares in Arom-dekor Kemi, a positive development…
”They have strong owners, which is good because the chemicals industry is tough., Today, we invest large parts of our profits in marketing and sales.
We are more focused on growth and long-term profitability than making money in the short-term. For us, it is about always trying to deliver slightly better products than our competitors. And above all, focussing on the customer”,
says Christian. 

It is dangerous to take your customers for granted…In the worst case, growth can stop or slow down. ”It is also important to have a good corporate culture in order to grow. We want our staff to be happy and feel good. Part of our corporate culture is to show, through our actions, that everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, origin, age or disability”, he says. Today, Arom-dekor Kemi has around 50 employees between the ages of 18 and 70. 

Establishment in more countries…
A few years ago, Arom-decor Kemi established itself in Norway and at the beginning of the year they ventured into the Finnish market when they acquired 70 percent of the shares in AdChemicals OY. ”It is very exciting. We have built a new facility and just won a contract with an oil company. We are now investing in continued growth in all parts of the company”, concludes Christian Lundell.

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