Arom-dekor Academy a success

The pandemic was part of the reason we at Arom-dekor Kemi started the Arom-dekor Academy in autumn 2020. We wanted to stay in touch with our customers whom we normally visit and provide with regular training. Looking back, we see that the Academy was a great success and we will be continuing with it in 2021. 

“We are delighted and proud that more than 250 people took part in our Arom-dekor Academy in autumn 2020. The purpose of the Academy is to share the knowledge that we have and its popularity in the autumn is evidence that a lot of people want to learn, which we find extremely exciting,” says Madeleine Olsen, Market Communication Manager at Arom-dekor Kemi.

“This year, we are offering a higher level of training for one of the courses – ‘Vehicle cleaning, simple steps for best results’. There is also a completely new course that provides training in the use of AdBlue® and is called ‘AdBlue® – all you need to know!’. AdBlue® is always a hot topic in the industry and we want to seize this opportunity to work through all these questions and also provide broader and more in-depth knowledge about AdBlue®. The third programme that we will be offering is the popular ‘Glycol – good, better, best’ course, which will have the same content as before. The courses will be held on six occasions during the spring and the dates can be found on our website.”

“When we launched our Arom-dekor Academy, one of the guidelines was that each event, including a question and answer session, should last no longer than 1 hour. It will be the same for the events this spring. We think that more people feel they have time to participate when there is a set time limit,” concludes Madeleine with a laugh.