For the Environment, for the Economy and for the Future…

Swedish cleaning innovation reduces waste within the airline industry

Vilokan carried the banner for environmental work in the early 1990s, but was seldom taken seriously. These days the perception of the company’s core issues has changed. The Company has created an innovative system designed for the unique requirements of airports, for greater efficiency and lower environmental impact. “More companies have realised that we need to work circularly and to take the issue of waste generated by industry and airports seriously. Our vision, and what drives us, is the idea of creating a closed circuit for the environment, for the economy and for the future,” says Lars Rosell, a partner in the the Vilokan group.

Vilokan was started in 1987 and since then has worked with water purification and the recovery and recycling of various liquids such as water, solvents and chemicals. The Company has targeted major industry, primarily the automotive , pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, but also the airline industry, which uses large quantities of glycol in its operations.

Over the years Vilokan has worked closely with the major Swedish industries to strengthen its competence and learn more about how one can reuse chemical agents and processed water in industry. The Company has a vision of sustainable development based on a circuit – a circular economy that ensures a better flow of goods and services, where the technological installations at airports have been designed to recycle glycol and manage waste products in a profitable and environmentally sustainable way.

“The technology from Vilokan ADF Solutions means that de-icing liquids such as glycol, and also processed water, can be cleaned and recycled locally at the airport. We set up an installation and we create profitability in the deal by regaining access to the raw material, as a service concept. By recovering the raw material we can also prevent heavy metals and substances that are less bio-degradable from being released and thereby establish a technical and sustainable closed circuit,” says Lars Rosell.

Want to resolve the complex cleaning and recycling needs of the industry

Vilokan’s customers have driven them, forward through the years, they have been pushed to meet the need for innovative solutions based on the complex cleaning and recycling needs of the industry. The complete range of service combined with world leading recycling solutions means that airports and other industries can now work actively to reduce emissions.

“We help customers with their environmental work and ensure that their processes are rationalised by supplying complete systems that manage the liquid waste, without them needing to tie up capital in their own infrastructure. We finance and operate the installations for the customer. It also eliminates the need for transport and through this we can create both profitability and a better environment,” says Lars Rosell.

Looking ahead, Vilokan is taking aim at the International market

“Scandinavia is at the cutting edge of environmental work and the aim is to create a global circular economy. We want to get out there internationally, we need to work on a global level in order to look after our environment, because we all have some responsibility for it,” Lars Rosell concludes.

"Previously 10,000 tons was disposed of. Now the glycol can be recycled instead!"

Swedish airport operator Swedavia, with 37.6 million passengers, is a leading player when it comes to environmental issues Vilokan now closes the cycle so that Swedavia can recycle and reuse valuable glycol.

"We are now global leaders in glycol recycling"

Montreal Pierre Trudeau Airport (YUL) has invested approx. 10 million CAD (approx. 65 million SEK) in a facility from Vilokan ADF Solutions. It will be operated by AeroMag 2000, who take care of the de-icing onsite.