Vilokan Group wants to be the industry's first choice when it comes to purification and recycling. We see ourselves as an important part of the industry´s operations with the objective to solve the industry´s complex purification and recycling needs. We always put ourselves in the basic problem and questioning to be able to create one optimal solution.

Vilokan Group has more than 30 years of experience offering financially and environmentally sustainable technology and sevice solutions to companies on a global market. The headquarters are located in Sweden. Scandinavia, a forerunner in water treatment policies and environmental consciousness is our home base and very much a part of our heritage. Strict regulations, a harsh climate and demanding customers have pushed us to innovate solutions continuously.

The Vilokan Group develops decentralized raw material recycling, minimization of waste and recycling solutions for the industry. Our technology company brings out the technology, which is then sold as a project or service. The raw materials obtained are further processed by our chemical company or recycled on site. The total environmental impact is greatly reduced, and furthermore it becomes extremely cost effective!

Vilokan Group consists of several independent companies. We are actively working to make the most of the organization as efficiently as possible. The companies cooperate differently with their sister companies. The business is organized in the following three business areas: